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stay profitable
management incompetence
lack of experience
insuffiecient financing
poor cash management
no strategic planning
ineffective market

chapter 5 - consciousness
awareness of self and environment
two types:
Alternate States; which include sleep and dreams, drugs, hypnosis, and meditation
there are biological rhythms. these include physiological ups and downs
-most are endogenous - autonomic - from within
-others are circadian rhythms - occur approximately every twenty-four hours
-some occur on some other schedule... jet lag
sleep rejuvenates the body

stage one: drifting off, light sleep
stage two: early sleep
stage three: marked by Delta Waves (which show up on EEG)
stage four: R.E.M. (dream stage)
cycles are not regular and depend on the person; dependent on multiple variables

sleep disorders
inability to fall asleep, stay asleep, or get enough sleep.
sleep apnea
breathing stops momentarily.
a person can go to sleep unexpectedly.